2019 North Side Jazz Festival

North Side High School proudly presents its annual jazz festival on Saturday, February 16, 2019. The featured guest for this year’s festival is Michael Davis, trombonist and leader of New York City’s Hip-Bone Big Band.

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The day will consist of performances by 29 high school and middle school groups from around the area. The evening concert will begin at 5:30pm with performances by the two top honor bands of the day. That will be followed by our guest artist Michael Davis performing with the North Side Wildsiders and the New Millennium Jazz Orchestra.

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Tickets are $6 for adults, $3 for K-12 students, and are good for all events of the day and evening. Contact North Side band director Edward King at Edward.King@fwcs.k12.in.us or 260-467-2800 for more information.

Performance Schedule:

Auxiliary Gym Auditorium
8:00 North Side #2
8:30 Memorial Park M.S. Combo #2 Snider #2
9:00 South Side Combo Carroll #2
9:30 Memorial Park M.S. Combo #1 DeKalb #2
10:00 Snider Combo Homestead #2
10:30 Carroll Combo #2 Wayne
11:00 Northrop Combo Columbia City
11:30 Carroll Combo #1 South Side
12:00 Northrop #2 Break
12:30 Break Break
1:00 Snider #3 Northrop #1
1:30 Memorial Park M.S. #2 Leo
2:00 Carroll #3 DeKalb #1
2:30 Jefferson M.S. Anderson Prep
3:00 Memorial Park M.S. #1 Homestead #1
3:30 North Side Combo Snider #1
4:00 Carroll #1



@HipBoneMusic, @HomesteadSpartanAllianceBand, @CarrollFineArts, @BigOrangePride, @LeoHighSchool

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