North Side Captures 6th Place at ISSMA Open B State Finals

Marching season came to a close with happy hearts. Months of hard work and dedication wrapped up in ten minutes where it was all left on the field.  The 2018 Marching Legends gave it all they had.

Your directors are proud.  Your families are proud.  Your fans and the alumni are proud.  Band members should be proud, too!  It was a great season.

Thank you!

6th place posteer

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Class B results:

1st – Greenwood Community

2nd – Greenfield Central

3rd – Northview, Brazil

4th – Munster

5th – Jasper

6th – North Side

7th – Bloomington North

8th – Evansville North

9th – Pendleton Heights

10th – Northridge,  Middlebury

Media Links:

North Side Bands shared album on Google photosIf you would like to add to the shared album, email for an invitation.

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