North Side is State Finals Bound! Performance Times Released

State Finalist 18

North Side will perform as an ISSMA Open B State Finalist on November 3rd at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis!  Those who attended Semi-State at Pike High School can attest for the very high quality of competition.

Now comes one more week of smart rehearsals.  Let’s make every moment and every run-through count!

Marching Legends fans can purchase $20 adult and $18 student tickets through the band.  North Side gets to keep a portion of the ticket sales by selling from our allotment.  Tickets are still available from President Angi Ross at rehearsal Friday.  If it is raining, Angi will be at the basketball concessions window to make sales.   HERE IS THE LINK TO THE LATEST CRESCENDO NEWSLETTER – READ IT FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION!


Jasper, 1:15;  Pendleton Heights, 1:28;  NORTH SIDE, 1:41;  Munster, 1:54;  Northview, 2:07; Greenwood Community, 2:20;  Northridge, 2:33;  Greenfield Central, 2:46;  Evansville North, 2:59; Bloomington North, 3:12;  AWARDS, 3:25-4:35.

OTHER AREA BANDS OF INTEREST:  Class C:  Norwell, 10:00;  Concordia Lutheran 10:26.  Class D: Woodlan, 4:40.  Class A: Homestead, 7:55;  Carroll, 8:21.

More information provided by ISSMA is available here:  mbstatefinals18

2 thoughts on “North Side is State Finals Bound! Performance Times Released

  1. Is there a way y’all can do facebook live or a video of the parent meeting for the parents that can not attend on wed night?


    1. That is a great idea. Maybe we can find a way to do that in the future. Be sure to pick up the most important information on the latest Crescendo newsletter in the meantime. — Steve McCord, webmaster


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